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why do most students like to play the guitar and/or the drums?

this is actually a survey/research. we need it by the end of the month. help us!! will yah?? i’ll appreciate it!! thanks!!ü

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I suppose those instruments are the most commonly seen in everyday life. Think about it – every rock or pop band has drums and guitars, and these are the most popular types of bands that you’d see on telly or the radio. A lot of these bands have keys as well which is probably why the piano is also very popular. Nobody ever really sees instruments like the euphonium for example in these types of bands which is why there isn’t much interest in taking it up.

Eugene M
1. Both instruments can be played while maintaining eye contact.

2. Playing the drum can release a LOT of energy

3. Playing guitar provides a lot of opportunity for creativity and introspection.

4. Playing guitar, like playing a sax, is pretty cool.


Perhaps because many students want to be in a rock “band” which uses primarily guitar and drums.

I also think the perception is that those instruments are easier to learn and involve less theory and technique than keyboard.


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