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Why did he quote this on his myspace quote part?

I talked to a guy for a few weeks we met off myspace…then we met and our date went horribly and I told him he’s got bad taste in women. He deleted me from his friends list, so I emailed him an apology and I have a new pic up of me in a bikini…and then one of my friends that he doesn’t know at all emailed him a few weeks later and said something about shallow men.

His profile is on private, always has been, but he put a new quote up that says Oh, I see what’s goin on here.

Is this about me?

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Time For Better

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Why shoudl you care. That piece of Sh*t is not worth your time. Thinking about him and analyzing why he did what he did just makes him happy. You should just tell him to f*ck off. And anyway he is a shallow pig, don’t be like a younger version of me and attempt to repair a broken bridge. it’s just more stressful than rewarding.

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