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Fran G

Why can’t I get any special help with my ADHD son’s education? Like free in home tutor?

My son whom is 6yrs old has ADHD, the school that he was going to kicked him out because of ADHD and him not being on med’s for it. So I had to quit my parttime job to homeschool, besides ADHD he also has panic/anxiety and insomnia. I want the goverment to stand up and do their part. They have not offered any help what so ever, And I need to go back to work, living on one income is very hard. So if anyone know of any kind of help that I should be asking for, please let me know. thank you.

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Your best bet would be to call the Oklahoma Disability Law Center ODLC, at (800) 880-7755

Your second best bet would be to call Misty Kimbrough at the state dept of ed (405) 521-4873. She has long been a proponent of parent’s rights and is quite interested in schools that do not follow federal and state legislation.

In no state is it easy to obtain services for our special needs children. However, Oklahoma has consistently placed in 49th for services in special education. Good luck


5 years ago
What state do you live in? I have never heard of a law that you must hire a special education teacher to oversee his work in order to home school a child with adhd. Remember, it is the state law you have to be concerned with when deciding to home school a child, not any rule particular to a certain school district. I am also curious, who made the diagnosis of ADHD in your grandson, the child’s doctor or someone at the school or some other party? In the end, you need to do your research and make an informed decision on what is going to be best for your grandson. There are links and websites that can assist with homeschooling a child with ADHD. Also, find out what services his current school can provide so you can make a well-informed decision. I will say this, as an experienced home schooling parent, I have heard plenty of school districts making threats and, knowing or unknowingly, out-and-out lying about homeschooling requirements for no other reason than to keep the child in the public school system.

Thrice Blessed
Well, I don’t know what state you are in but I believe the school has to accommodate him if he is of the required age for schooling, however some states don’t require attendance until age 7 or 8, (in my state it is 8). Regardless, I think you might find more specific help in the category “People with Disabilities”, not that anyone minds the question being posted here, but on that forum there will lots of people familiar with agencies that can help.

So if you want to try posting there, click “all categories”, then “society and culture”, the “cultures and groups” then “people with disabilities”.

Aside from that, check you state law about the age of compulsory attendance in school you can find that at if he is old enough to be required by law to be in school, then the school must provide him an education. Homeschooling may be a better option- but it shouldn’t be your only option, you pay taxes and have a right to the use of the school system as much as the next person.

Also, if you can get your doctor to sign a paper saying that the meds are not indicated that SHOULD stop the school from screaming “medication!”, and if it doesn’t, the paper may come in handy in court later: so get two copies and keep one.


I just checked the OK law for you, your son is of the age where he is legally required to be in school- so they MUST provide a place for him- keep fighting.


First off – I am sorry you are going through such a nightmare. You seem to be getting no information from the agencies that are supposed to be helping you.

Disability would probably help you – and the only way you are going to get it is with an attorney. Disability cases are constantly turned down and I’ve heard many times you need or lawyer to even get it reviewed. I knew someone who was 100% physical & mentally disabled turned down for 5 years until she got a lawyer. However I do not know what your child would need to qualify. A lawyer would know this. The lawyer does it for you without money out of your pocket. They get a share once you collect. You have nothing to lose by trying a lawyer.

Also public school has NO RIGHT to refuse education based on disability. If your child has difficulties and needs to be in a special ed class they need to help him. Granted that may mean not at the school in your neighborhood – but in your county. Call your local school board and demand they quit discriminating. If that doesn’t work you can call the American Civil Liberties Union and tell them how your child is being discriminated with. Have names & numbers ready when you contact them.

There are virtual schools that some districts provide free. There are also some programs that will allow him other means of education. Go down to the school board. I would also recommend sending a letter certified mail to the school superintendant telling him who and when discriminated against your child. Keep a copy of it. Threaten to get media involvement. The call news stations if you have to.

Yes you have rights. The problem is that people have to seem to fight tooth & nail to get those rights – which in itself is not fair.

Best of luck to you hon!


Janis B
The schools diagnosed my son with ADD. He did not go on meds until 5th grade. The doctor experimented with different prescriptions until the first of 8th grade, when we started homeschooling. He was tested 2 times for LD and was in process of being tested for the 3rd time when we were discouraged by the teachers because they said the test would show nothing different than previous 2 tests. In our state, ADHD and ADD do not qualify for special help. They look for other things that qualify, but in our case, nothing else was found.

If it is mandatory for your 6 year to go to school, then the public school must provide the education. It may not be the education your want for him, but they cannot deny him an education.


Was this a public school? Here in Kansas public schools can’t kick a student out if they don’t have ADHD meds. Private schools can do whatever they want. I would think public schools in OK can’t kick a student out because of a disability except for a very extreme circumstance (probably safety-related). Even then it’s usually older kids. Do a search online for ADHD organizations. I think there’s one for parents with chapters all over the country. Maybe they can help you.

Francisco S
Have your son medically diagnosed and then go to a lawyer. If he qualifies for Special Ed., he will get all the help he needs. If he does not qualify, there should be a student support team that can make accomodations. I believe most help is channeled through school. Also, read on what you can do as a parent. YOUR expectations are what will MOTIVATE him to succeed in life (ADHD or not).

I think that it would be illegal for the school to “kick” your child out of school. You should consult with a lawyer. I don’t understand what you want the government to do exactly. A lot of schools do not have the budgets to supply someone to tutor within the home but perhaps there are agencies in your town you contact to seek for further advice.

I do believe it is illegal for the school to kick your son out. They are not medical dr’s and therefore have no legal way to say “Meds or go”.

However, they will do it because no one is taking them to task about it. If you threatened them with legal action they would backtrack very quickly.

Most schools, to avoid legal action, will do what they call homebound tutoring. They provide the texts and the tutor. Call their bluff!!

Good luck.


I have ADHD too, my family and i had that same problem. Talk to the teachers (or read books on it) that help with that. Get a tutor but still READ READ READ about it…

p.s. kids with ADHD never gain a lot of weight (scientist say)

since they r always moving…etc!!


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