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which is better?

Hi! i am trying to choose my pathway and i wanted to know which one is better. I mean by better is getting paid alot.

1. Business Administration


2. Accountant.

I am planning to work in India and i want to know which is better according to the salary?

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In India both MBA (Master of Business Administration) done from the top Management Colleges (Like IIMs) or CA (Chartered Accountant) are good from the money point of view.

It does not really matter. Your salary will depend either way on your negotiation qualities and the jobs and companies you’ll apply for.

i dont know! he he

well i was thinking to do medicine but cant afford it here in the UK so m going for ACCA-chartered a/c . I dont know which is better. i just dont have any option.

if u r in the UK, both have good scopes!


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