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Where can I find a list of things I need to teach for kindergarten homeschool?

I am going to homeschool my son, but I do not think it is essential yet for a curriculum book to follow (at least not for kindergarten). Does anyone know where I can find some sort of list on the internet of what they should know by the end of the year?

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Melissa C

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I am not sure of a website, but The Core Knowledge Series is a good resource. There is a book called “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know” that is a great help. I used all their books up to 6th grade as a resource. Just don’t get to stressed out if they aren’t right on track. Kids all learn differently.

Try Old Fashioned Education (, Miss Maggie has a whole curriculum set up and it won’t cost you a thing. Also try getting the State Standards for where you live from the School Board site, as this will help guide you also.Don’t limit yourself to learning in the house and remember that Field Trips (Zoo,Park,Beach, etc) count as a school day—he can draw a picture of his favorite animals, collect some shells and attach them to paper and then write guesses of where they might come from or write a story about one (unless he’s good at writing he may need your help there). When you go to the store, let him help (we have x many people in the house, how many loaves of bread do we need?) or (this is good for learning to read) have him find certain items.

Anything can be turned into a lesson with a little creativity and a whole lot of patience.

Another beginning reader activity is to take the comics and cut out his favorites (garfield,peanuts), then cut these apart (four scenes equal 4 parts) and have him try to put it together so it makes sense (or not) —fyi, you may want to invest in some clear contact paper if he is rough on handleing so they last longer.

Some good computer programs for his age group are Reader Rabbit and JumpStart. Jumpstart will actually grow with your child and when he gets too old for each set, just pass it to a cousin or someone with a young child. Books on tape or CD (whether bought or self recorded) are good for the car. Get a cheap clipboard and a can of spray-on Blackboard paint (Walmart) and turn the clipboard into a carry round chalk board.

If you have a Dollar Tree near you check them out as they have started to carry stuff for learning (charts,stickers, etc).

Have fun homeschooling.


The list is what ever you think you may need for supplies.

These can range from simple pencils, crayons, paper, and craft items to a complete curriculum.

We never used a curriculum at that age at all, simply go to the library, and if you have a Sam’s Club around look into a complete kindergarten basic curriculum book, these include all subjects for about $5.00 to $10.00.

If you’d like to add to it check out

or the DLTK’s web sites.

There are books available at the book stores, just read through them at Barnes and Noble called What your child needs to know in K, grade1, 2 and so on.

I have never read them myself, but I hear people mention that they have used them as a guide in the beginning.

A suggestion for reading skills; if needed, would be SRA; Teach Your Child How To Read in a 100 Easy Lessons.



History mom has a good web site for you to check out; an old fashioned education is pretty good, and free.



The above link is to the World Book Encyclopedia’s Typical Course of Study. They have a Scope and Sequence available for each grade between Preschool and Grade 12. I find this to be an invaluable resource.

Someone already mentioned the Core Knowledge Series’ What Your Kindergartener Needs To Know. I agree with them that it is a good resource.

A Beka is a publisher of curricula for private and homeschools. I know you do not want a curriculum, but they also have a Scope and Sequence available (for free)-it is a little booklet with the S&S for each grade level and is another handy source. Just go to their website and request a free catalog and in the notes also request the S&S.

I hope this helps!


There is a series of books put out by Core Knowledge called _What Your X Grader Needs to Know_. There is one for each grade, K-6th. They are written by E. D. Hirsch and can be found on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, as well as many other sources.

Another great book is _Home Learning Year By Year_ by Rebecca Rupp. She breaks down each grade by subject and even has suggested resources (books, websites) for teaching many of the items listed. Or, if you’re into classical ed., check out _The Well-Trained Mind_ by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. Beware – this one can be overwhelming!

You could also check your state’s requirements. Google “(your state) scope and sequence”. World Book also has a listing for all grades (Pre-K through 12th) at the website below.

A Beka and Bob Jones both offer their scope and sequence online. Check their websites.

You will find that none of these are exactly the same, as there is no national standard.


Thrice Blessed
If you go to you will find a complete scope and sequence for their Horizons curriculum (free for downloading). Even if you don’t use the books you could use it as a sort of “check off” list to see what skills to cover.

You can also get a scope in sequence for A Beka’s Kindergarten program at

Both of these are Christian companies, but if you are not just ignore any items about teaching the Bible or Christian concepts and focus instead on just the academic stuff.


NOT that I care about SOLS :>) there are so limiting!!! If you want to see what your child would learn, if in public school. Check out your countys school web site(s). Also your State Board of Education web site. You can use this as a comparison…or you can type in Kindergarten on the i-net and have a blast. Loads of info. will pop up. Just decide if you want religious (or not) curriculum.

During our kindergarden years, we used “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons”. This is a great book. Both my kids read full small paragraphs at 4 & 5 years old.

Other than that we did alot of fun stuff. Just go to the library and get some craft books. Teach him to recognize the numbers and maybe even write them. Teach him how to write his own name. There are so many things to do. Go to the library. You’ll get inspiration.


We did use a curriculum in kindergarten but I agree it is not necessary and should be optional for that age. I used Abeka and they are a bit advanced from the puclic school so we enjoyed the year.

We learned–

-how to count from 1-100 by 1’s, 2’s and 5’s

-names and worth of penny, nickel, dime and quarter

-started counting money

-alphabet and their sounds, long and short sounds for vowels

-special sounds as in pl in plane and other blending consonant sounds.

-how to tell time, o’clock, half past, and quarter past

-put things in order, what happened first, next and last

-number words one-ten

-addition up to 6 I believe, I went further

-touched on subtraction some

-reading comprehension

-color words

-shapes, square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval



-before and after numbers, 6 comes before 7, 3 comes after 2

I hope this helps you, it is a start at least!


numbers, colors, shapes, animals, letters, start writing, Name address, phone #, simple math. Just got to walmart and pick up some books or even the dollar store has great little work books for K. best of luck

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