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What website can I use to get my IQ?

I want to know if anyone have a good website to get your Iq tested because I don’t know if I can rely on any and everyone.


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Eric B
Please do yourself a favor and don’t try to identify yourself with a number or score. IQ tests have very little value to any realy object on the up end, and are not relied upon to make any positive judgements for placement or recommendation. Many people try to use them positivly only to become objectified by an abstract number which means nothing if its over 100.

If you look around a little you will see IQ rating are only used to classify those who fall BELOW standards, in other words its only real practical application is to point out those who are below avg, not overly so.

This is because once you get past avg (100) then you cannot measure the ability to retain, process, and modify information with any reliablity using the system of most IQ tests.

SATs are a more reliable system if you use them in context of the Percentile curve, there you can compare yourself if you need a basis, but again you can give the same person a given test three times over the course of a year and results can vary drasticaly depending on many variables.

I have seen so many go down this path of trying to objectify themselves into a number (MYYY IQ test said 134) that means nothing only to find themselves belittled (oh yeah, MINE is 136) or suddenly lost (…So what? you wasted your time on a stupid test but can’t balance a checkbook?).


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