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What makes some home school opponents think we will take their responses serious?

when given in a manner that is either void of factual information, does not address the original question, is disrespectful, contains name calling, or personal attacks?

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Hannah M

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I don’t actually think they mean us to take their responses seriously – seems most of the time they’re just trolling and shouting their mouths off for their own sakes.

Or maybe cuz they obviously don’t understand what it means to be home educated and people naturally fear what they don’t understand and so tend to act defensively and aggressively around it.

Anyway if their posts demonstrate the skills and eloquence afforded to them by their public school education, they’ve inadvertently set themselves up as the best “poster kids” home education could ever have! lol!



We have found that when you do not do as the school system does, we are insulted for it as well. However, I can guarantee a safe environment in our home, no bullying, theft, or harassment. A teacher cannot. We also have a larger area of history to cover than any public school can do. We cover every possible subject from multiple aspects and some subjects that public schools don’t even remotely teach. Do public schools really go in depth for world history of every nation? We do.

Personal attacks are simply made by people that aren’t teachers, but glorified babysitters. Over paid and under worked individuals that seem to believe they’re making a difference in every child out there. They suffer from envy.


It is usually the Blowhards who depend too greatly on a Boxed or Prepackaged curriculum simply to be able to call themselves Homeschoolers ( this is slightly general and does not apply to everyone).

I have noticed that when I am asked ‘What curriculum do you use?’ and I answer ‘I create my own from various sources.’ I am placed in the catagory of cheapskate or neglectful mother, simply for not being a ‘follower’ of the system.

There are at times that ( I will admit) certain questions are worded in such a way as I become a smartmouth or longwinded.

Perhaps certain individuals or groups feel that unless they resort to mudslinging and name calling they will not get noticed, while others are so misinformed they try to turn it back on the asker who will thus lose sight of his/her reason or need for an answer.

‘Old Timers’ of homeschool can be as guilty of mudslinging as anyone and on occasion have been know to suffer FIMS (foot in mouth syndrome). Having your ‘ducks’ in a row helps keep this disease calm, but flareups tend to happen.


Because they resent home schooled children getting an outstanding education when they know their own children in public schools are receiving almost no education and that when their children graduate from high school that home schooled students at the six grade level will be smarter and better educated. It is called jealousy.

I don’t think they are open-minded enough to ever consider the possibility of anyone NOT taking them seriously. If they were, they would have actually thought about the benefits of homeschooling vs. public school, looking into the pros as wells as the cons. In Arizona, at least, homeschool is quickly becoming the preferred method of education if it’s at all possible for the family.

I wouldn’t take them seriously enough to let them upset me…….:)


You have to forgive them.

Homeschool opponants are either:


Union Members especially Teachers who fear for their jobs

Or inadequate people who don’t feel they are intellegent enough to teach their own children so they must rely upon the Public School Teaching Gods to do that work for them. Everyone has to have a God and a teacher is like a Doctor, you have to go to them or you’ll get cancer or something horrible!


Thrice Blessed
I don’t know! Maybe they just want points for answering.

because they said so, lol.

Not your grammar, seriously!

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