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What is the difference between honors classes and normal classes in high school?

I am not sure weather to take them or not, If you can please specify which subjects will be good for a computer science or computer related field.

Thanks a lot!

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If you can handle honors classes…do it.

Honors classes will move faster and have more work, but what you will receive from it will be far superior to “regular” classes. This mostly has to do with the students in regular classes, not the materials or the instruction.

Students in regular classes come with all types of ability levels and as such if you end up say in an English class with a lot of slow learners or those who don’t really care about learning, you may be bored out of your skull or gain very little.

Also, as far as colleges are concerned, taking honors classes, AP classes, gifted and talented, or whatever your area has to offer is a bonus. It tells them that you are serious and are willing to put forth the extra effort.


While honors classes cover the subject on a “higher” and “more in-depth” level, it should also be made clear that it is also the dividing line between the “smart” and “average” or “dumb” kids, and as such creates a natural status quo. If you are chosen for, or choose to take one of these classes, you most likely will be labeled, perhaps unjustly. With that said, always strive for the best that is in you no matter whether you are placed in honors mathematics or remedial mathematics and you will always achieve something special. With regards to a future in computer science, that’s what college is for. For now… just do well at everything. It may seem like vague advice, but right now, you’re working towards a good college, not a good career. One step at a time, my young friend… you’ll be fine…

I’ve never taken regular classes, since I went to a private school until the sixth grade and went into the Honors program from there. What I do know is that honors classes move faster. The work is harder but not all teachers give a lot of work. It seems that I have a lot of projects, but I don’t know anything about public education outside of the program, so I can’t compare. There tends to be some tension between regular and honors students. I never understood why.

If you plan on going to college, you should take the honors classes. Another thing is… I took regular classes my freshman year and was so bored. The teachers tended to give more book work (i.e. read this chapter then answer the questions.) I struggled in my honors classes, but I enjoyed challenge and the teachers actually taught. You’ll have more projects in an honors class.

In normal classes you just learn the basics of that subject. In honor classes, those people just about already know the basics of the subject so they move on to a higher learning level, and get more knowledge about it.

4 years ago
collectively as taking honors instructions is sweet, the main important years of high school are your junior and senior year – the years that maximum faculties look at your transcripts to make certain what instructions you have taken. now, i do no longer understand if honors is like AP, yet while it particularly is then you somewhat would be waiting to get college credit – and as a freshman, thats noticeably cool – after which you wont could desire to take those instructions in college. and you stated which you in many circumstances get A+’s. properly, each college is distinctive, and merely considering which you get A’s in midsection college, would not recommend you will get A’s in intense college. I had quickly A’s for the era of midsection college, and in intense college, the instructions the place harder, and the lecturers do no longer toddler you like they somewhat do in midsection college. They anticipate you to take heed to, take notes, and do the artwork. in the experience that your artwork is previous due, its previous due. in case you get a undesirable grade on a attempt, you get a undesirable grade – no retakes. And infrequently any extra effective credit. it particularly is a great substitute, and that i in my view think of that taking ALL honors instructions is a sprint lots being a freshman. you’re new to the college and you may get a year to make certain how issues artwork. hence, perhaps take a pair, and notice the way you do. wish this helps. and likewise, extra effective curriculars, like band, seems spectacular on intense college transcripts. And distant places language, I took 2 years of french in midsection college, and that i jumped suited into french 3 freshman year. so which you dont necesarily could desire to take spanish one million yet back.

Honor classes usually move faster the normal on level classes and they cover a little bit more information then an on level class.

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