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what is meant by A childs development is holistic?

what is meant by A childs development is holistic?

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Holistic means that everything is taken into consideration. Development is not dependent upon 1 thing it is dependent upon a multitude of things.

A holistic approach looks at the WHOLE child. Child development can’t completely be broken into different categories because development in one area is connect to other areas.

Learning though experiences rather the sitting down at a desk and doing a worksheet. All the sences; sight, taste, smell, are involved. Teach a young child Math thought cooking is an example. Because you use measurements.

All areas of a childs development are intertwined with each other. Social/Emotional, Language, Physical and Intellectual, if a child is delayed in one area, all other areas are affected.

it is not teaching reading then science then math but, teaching a child all the subjects without them knowing. For example you might read “how a dinosaurs says goodnight” and then learn something about Dino’saurs and count them or group the dinos in categories etc… It develops the child in more than one subject and is usually more exciting for the child

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