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What does “clubfooted” mean?

As in this conversation from Eldest by Christopher Paolini:

“You’re blind – follow the cottonwoods and they’ll never see! You took the addle brain’s route.”

“Try it if you want.”

“I will !”

“Then you can tell me how you like the taste of arrow.”

“Maybe we aren’t as clubfooted as you are.”


Is it an insult? I couldn’t find a definition that fitted into this context.




having a deformed foot

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Clubfooted means

American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source club·foot (klŭb’fŏŏt’) Pronunciation Key


A congenital deformity of the foot, usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle, heel, and toes. Also called talipes.

A foot so deformed.

club’foot’ed adj.

When used in this context the speaker is telling the other speaker that he is more swift and agile so that he will be able to avoid the enemy detection or attack.

P.S. Thanks for giving us ample context to give you an answer!


From what I understand of the conversation you quoted, it is meant as an insult. Since people who are clubfooted have a difficult time walking, I think the person is suggesting that there is no way he would get hit by the arrow – because the person chasing/shooting would be clumsy and slow.

At birth, some children’s feet are twisted or turned, this prevents normal walking. I myself was born with a clubfoot. It was not too severe, and was corrected with surgery.

Tammy H
Well my daughter was born with clubfeet and that meant they were both turned inward and she couldn’t walk until they were fixed. I would take a guess and say maybe it means that he is walking in the same direction/not getting anywhere?

Simply a way of saying clumsy.

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