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what does balls mean??

i.v heard alot of people saying this word “balls” jus wanna knw wht it means

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Vernix Lanugo

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Ho Ho.This Q sounds like bollox to me 😉

It can have 2 meanings. I have heard it used to mean rubbish,as in a load of old balls. I have also heard it used to mean courage, as in he had the balls to stand up to the bully. I’ve also seen the Spanish equivalent “cojones”. In its most basic form it refers to male genitalia, hence the reference to courage (very macho) although it has been applied to courageous women. The adjective is “ballsy”. Hope trhis helps.

there r many different terms for balls wich 1 hav u herd?

You can’t be serious. Ask your parents. No one here is as qualified as they are to explain such a thing.

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