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what do you mean by these?

what do you mean by covers both overt(observable behavior)and covert(thinking process)task using a procedural approach?

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In order to understand this you need to define the procedural approach.It is teaching something through explaining its procedure in such a manner that a learner could visualise the steps involved in its completion and then practically do it.Visualising a task or its steps is a covert process while actually performing it is the overt process.

Elizabeth S
Overt means that you can see it. You can see a kid putting a shoe on his foot. BUT you did not see his covert thought process of how the kid choose to match up the left shoe to his left foot.

If you were teaching this lesson, you could say “Now what shoe do I need to put on this foot?” [This would be the covert part of the lesson…teaching how you are thinking…the decision making process of a task] Then you would teach the overt part. [Put your toes into the shoe first….a task they could just watch you do and copy.]

I hope this makes sense.


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