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What do the five pillars at FDR Memorial in D.C. represent or stand for?

I have looked this up, have been there, read the broucher, and have yet to find an answer to what those five pillars stand for. Please leave your source and be detailed, such as what the hands stand for, etc.. Thank you!

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I do not know what the 5 pillars stand for, but I know that they were incorporated into the memorial in order for handicapped people to be able to also enjoy the memorial. There are carvings, braille, handprints, etc. on those pillars to enable the blind to experience the memorial in a tactile way that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

I know this because of a tour I just returned from…I don’t remember any mention of the significance of the number of pillars. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any significance, just that I don’t recall them pointing it out.


The pillars themselves don’t have significance, other than to mark the four separate “rooms,” whose meanings are described on this site:


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