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Yousuf I

What are the training materials?\?

Materials for any training

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Training materials — anything that supports the learning cycle. Can be quick reference guides, manuals, posters, etc.

It is VERY important to note that training materials should be gathered/developed AFTER one designs the learning. The materials do not drive the learning – the learning drives the materials.


For me it’s things that can demonstrate principles.

Those little balls on levers for Newtonian demonstrations.

A small optical bench for teaching optics and photography.

If I was teachig video I’d try an design a magnetic light pen and put it inside of two coils to demonstrate scanning, flyback and helical direction. I’d also see if I could make a light pen Etch A Skech, although I might use a real one, to demonstrate vector graphics as opposed to raster graphics.


<>Training materials consist of any paraphernalia or equipment necessary to assist in the completion of the teaching. This includes, but is not limited to, textbooks, slides, overhead projections, films, computers, handouts, publications, posters, pictures, diagrams and any manner of hard equipment.

6 years ago
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