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What are Federal Maximums?/Can I hurt myself appealing for more aid?

I am really poor. My Financial Aid director all but promised me I’d leave school with a certain amount of debt, and that number has increased nearly two-fold. It’s the old bait-and-switch (pretty common at colleges, I understand), but here’s the question:

Every year I appeal for more aid, and they throw a few bones my way, and I give up and go into huge debt (just as much as my middle-class peers).

What are some of the risks of pressing for more institutional aid from my Fin. Aid Dept? And what are federal maximums in aid (I am so dirt poor I can’t see how I wouldn’t qualify).

I’m looking for inside scoop here–what if my Fin Aid Director starts hating me (I’m only asking for what I was promised).

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Well, The maximum depends on what your going to school for. If you have federal student loans, you might qualify for forgiveness when you graduate. If you give me some more information, I could give you a better answer.

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