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Unless you’ve heard it before, you won’t get it.?

Alright. So you’re in a hole. No possible way of climbing out by human means alone- you’d need a rope or something else. You are accompanied by a table and a mirror. Tell me how you would get out of the hole!

P.S.- I answered that I would either break the mirror and use those to dig into the ground to get out, or reflect light from the mirror to the table. This would light it on fire and send smoke out as a distress signal. But neither were right. 😛

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how about this? look in the mirror, see what you saw, take the saw, cut the table in half, put the two halves together to make a whole, jump out the hole and you’re out!

you look in to the mirror and take what you saw, you saw the table in half, two halfs make a hole and you crawl out

Have 12 fully activated strands of DNA, and thus the ability to “walk into the mirror” and come out wherever you wish? :)))

Stephen h
stand on the table and throw the mirror up when you hear someone walk by

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