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types of financial aide on Univesities?

i have a friend who wants to continue her education for another two years so she can get her BS. she is wondering what types of financial aide can she get from the goverment and private institutions? are they free or you have to pay them back? she has no other source of income. she is poor. thanks

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U am poor too!!!! I get a full pell grant!!! You must fill out a fafsa form to receive this grant from the government and are not required to pay it back. To get a full pell grant you must attend a college/university full time. Learn more at:

If she wants to fill out the forms online, she’ll need to have her tax payers from the previous year ready (IE. to get grant money for fall/2007 semester you need to have 2006 tax forms those that were filled out before april 14, 07 ready to view and fill out info.)


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