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Jennifer L

Stafford Loans for Online Classes?

I want to enroll in the online medical transcription program that’s offered by Everett Community College. Can I get a Stafford Loan to pay my tuition even though my classes will be online?

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easily i did this, but the payer will need ok-good credit. and a tip, try to get he smallest loan you can and still live off of

u will have to budget but it will help in the long-run, especially when you have 5 or more % intrest.


Andrea B
you can obtain a federal student loan regardless if classs are online or not… the school must be accredited by teh US Dept of ED. If you are unsure if the school is accredited call the US DOE at 1-800-433-3243. They can also send you teh application (FAFSA)

yeah you should be able to … online classes are the same as campus classes as long as your going through a school to do the program

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