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so if i go to a different community college…….?

if i did poorly in one community college(example i had to leave for personal reasons in the middle of the year so i cant withdraw the classes meaning all those classes will be failed!) can i go to another community college and start fresh or will those grades/transcripts follow me?

either way will i get the chance to attend a different school?

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They will follow you, but assuming you only did this once, it won’t hurt you too badly. Yes, you will have a chance to attend a different school.

4 years ago
in case you haven’t any longer already began your first 365 days, examine with the two faculties which you plan to attend to see what they require (which incorporate marks, classes dates, etc). significant in the comparable subject count at the two faculties as you will get greater credit transferred than you may in case you have been to swap majors. while you’re already on your first 365 days and go with to circulate in the 2d, touch college #2 and ask what they require. additionally, refer to this methodology Coordinator on your significant at that school to work out which direction could observe for replace credit. returned, that’s maximum incredible to maintain your significant the comparable. good success.

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