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skittles formula help?

The maufacturer of skittles has a formula of determining approximately how many skittles of each color will be placed in a bag. What is the formula?

where can i find this information. the original skittles website does not have it or i am just blind!!

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oh blah chances are that they’re all manufactured from a machine and then they dump all the colors together and mix them up really really well and then pour them into little bags…that’s all there is to it…just a bunch of colors of skittles mixed really really well together…

think about it or you can even try it your self….

get a bunch of skittles like bags upon bags full….and then separate them into piles of the same color…mix them up really really well and then randomly separate them into little baggies….yeah…they’re mixed aren’t they?!


Well this person actually counted them, scroll down to the bottom of this site. Another option would be to contact someone from the site “contact us” and just ask them

jaspers mom
only the head honcho of the company knows the answer–him and his dog Spot!!

the secret ingredient is the rainbow…..



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