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Juan Pedro

Since only born babies have umbilical cords, Do you think Adam and Eve have no bellybuttons….?

since they were already adults when created?

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No, they wouldn’t have had belly buttons.

A belly button is a sign that you were once attached to your mother. We all depend on umbilical cords for nourishment when we’re inside our mothers, so everyone that was “born” since Adam and Eve were created has a belly button.

Adam and Eve didn’t develop the same way we did, because they were “created”, and it’s doubtful that God would would have given them a belly button signifying that they had “grown” inside another person’s body, since he had created them himself. Our belly buttons are scars from where our umbilical cords were attached, so if there was no umbilical cord, there would be no belly button.

Eve was created with a womb, because she was meant to give birth, but Eve herself was created and not born, so she had no belly button.

God wouldn’t want or need to create something that would have been a lie.


They were not necessarily made as adults but they were not born from a womb and would likely not have an umbilical cord which would likely mean they had no bellybutton. There is also the possibility that God gave them a belly button since they came uniquely into this world.

I think they might have had bellybuttons, but not umbilical cords because they were not scientifically “born”, but were sent down to earth from what I have heard.

Alana N
Adam and Eve both did not have bellybuttons, because they were created not born.

Adam and Eve are from a Book of Fiction,who cares

I heard Adam didn’t, but i am not sure about Eve. There was a picture drawn that didn’t show Adams belly button.

Adam and Eve are, perhaps, fictional characters. Noone knows if they’re nonexistent or not. Thus there are no right or wrong answers, from various perspectives.

ronnie d
I beleive that they were createds as we would be created thereafter. As to the book of fiction comment, I would rather have lived my life as though there was a GOD, than to die not beleiving only to find out there really was one.

steven wes and les
Adam and Eve are symbolic to the creation myth .If you read carefully you will see that they are surrounded by ‘indigenous peoples’.If you take the story literally,yhen they can’t have navels.

you might want to think of the Genesis stories as figurative not literal

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