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Should I take a break?

This coming semester is going to be my second year @ college to be honest I had done miserably my financial aid was taken away. I have so much trouble learning math. I started working full time @ 8 dollars an hour. Another position is available they will paid me $10 the hour but it conflicts with my school schedule. My friends told me to take @ least one or two classes (math and english) but if I take both i cannot take the new position that is available. I can not stop working I have a house and a car to paid. I need advises please.

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If you stop, the probability of you returning to school is very slim (statistics support this.) Especially feeling the way that you do now – defeated in math. There will be nothing to motivate you to return. If you stop now, you can almost assuredly guarantee that for the rest of your life, you will continue to struggle over whether or not to take the $8 or $10 an hour job, when a college degree guarantees you $15-30 per hour.

While the $2 an hour addition looks inviting, ask yourself what will it really buy you in the long run.

Stay in school. Work the shorter hours and definitely take advantage of tutoring opportunities offered at school. Do NOT take a math and english simultaneously if that means that you will struggle in both. Take one hard class and one light one. That way, you will remain motivated to continue going to class.

Whatever you decide, good luck.


I took a break, and it was hard to get back into the swing of school. If you don’t finish your degree, you may be stuck making that amount of money for a long time.

Waiting tables is a good job during school. It will almost guarantee you more than 8-10 a hour, unless you are a slack server. That will give you a schedule flexible enough to go to school and some time to study. That is what I had to do, and I averaged 12-14 with tips!


I decided to take a break once, and it was so HARD to get back into the learning thing. DON’T DO IT. Like your friends suggested, take one or two classes to keep your brain sharpened, work at the same time and save your money.

You can do it, just hang in there and don’t quit. Because in the long run, your education is not only important to you, it’s important to future employers as well (who will pay much more than $10 to someone with a diploma).


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go chill out for a while

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