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Should i get my Masters degree in Business Administration or should i get it in Marketing?

I am thinking of getting my master’s degree this fall. As a woman i am stuck between deciding if Business Administration or Master’s in Management would be best for me.


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Get the MBA with a specialization in Marketing.

Unless you are all ready in the Marketing field, then the best bet would be to specialize directly to the field.


This isn’t really an either-or choice. While there is an M.S. in Marketing which is primarily useful for jobs in Marketing Research, the primary master’s degree in Marketing is the MBA with a concentration in Marketing.

4 years ago
maximum people who enter advertising gain this with a advertising degree. You did no longer point out your component of concentration inclusive of your MBA. you may evaluate something in consulting or working for a consulting employer. There are some companies who do no longer placed as a lot emphasis on the concentration as others. in case you want to get into revenues then it might no longer modern a subject. My advice is to offer it a try. Your IT history could be a plus with some companies who might do organization with IT companies. i’m particular which you will discover something in case you communicate with sufficient companies.

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