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School (math) troubles?

Ok so im pretty smart. Im going into the 8th grade next year but for the last term in grade 7 and through the summer i’v been doing grade 8 math for a chance to get to do grade 9 math in grade 8. Except i’v been having ALOT of troubles. And since theres No teacher here at home its really hard. At the end of summer theres a big math test and if i dont get an A i just do grade 8 math again. Do you think i should just not even do the test or what???? i need help!

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Take the test and see how you do. The worst that can happen is that you have to go back to grade 8 math, but you may surprise yourself and pass the test. That or make some time to study more of it. But I really think you should take the test. What can you lose?

Depends what you are not understanding.

I would be willing to help you out a little bit. Sometimes having people explain things in a different way it’ll just click.

If it doesn’t click just take the class over it will be easier 2nd pass.


I’d say at least try the test. Is it at all possible you could get a tutor maybe?

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