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SAT test help???

does any1 no where i can take a free practice SAT exam online???

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College Board has one you can print off and take:

Sparknotes has a brief practice test:

Princeton has one, too. You have to register on their website, but it’s free:

There are more online, too. Google it.

Stats for Emory University:

Middle 50% of

First-Year Students

SAT Critical Reading: 620 – 700

SAT Math: 650 – 730

SAT Writing: 620 – 700


Jimmy Y
Emory University is a great school so I would think having a 650 on each section or higher would put you in a good status. I don’t know where they give out free practice SAT exams online but I think it’s best that you buy a practice sat book like The Blue Book or Princeton Review’s 11 Practice Tests and just time the sections as it tells you. You should also have a good GPA, I think for Emory having 3.6+ should be decent.

Middle 50% of

First-Year Students

SAT Critical Reading: 620 – 700 93%

SAT Math: 650 – 730 93%

SAT Writing: 620 – 700 93%

ACT Composite: 27 – 31 42%

So, I’m guessing, for the SAT, you need to aim for at least a 650 out of 800 for every section.

I don’t know where you can take a practice online SAT, but get an account on and they have practice questions and tips that’ll help you on the exam. Sign up for the “Question of the Day” that should be e-mailed to you every single day. They’re example questions of those that will be on the test. Good luck.


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