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Questions for trivias?

I need some questions I can use in a school trivia.. It’s gotta b general.. any suggestions??

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I found some sites for you, so hopefully you can find something that helps. The 3rd one has loads of questions.

What type of puppets are those whose movements are controlled by strings?

(Marionettes )

Which American President was assassinated by Leon Czolgosz ?

(William Mckinley)

Who was the 3rd man on the moon?

( Charles Conrad )

What is the world’s largest desert?

( The Sahara )

Which sea is so named because it is too salty to maintain life?

( Dead Sea )

Name a state of U.S.A. beginning with `B’.

(There is none!)

I hope this helps…


Who is the vice president of the US… Who is the vice president of your school?

What is the actor Harry Potter’s real name in the movie series?

How many players are on the (school mascot) football team?

How many times does the average person brush their teeth in one day? (twice)

How many slices of pizza does the average person eat yearly? 48


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