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preschool schedule…..everyday?

I am going to home school my preschooler. She is 3 years old and I have a 2 year old here too. My question is: Do I do the preschool schedule everyday, or every other day? And Should I teach the same lesson for a week before moving on??

Any help would be appreciated. Also, I will have a baby in the next couple weeks, so should I wait until the baby is born to start this schedule? Or start it right now?

Thank you so much.

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I am a teacher and I can tell you the number one reason why kids go to preschool– it prepares them to socialize with other children. Preschoolers are being prepared for environments where they learn to share and interact with other children.

Your child will always see you as his/her teacher. The best thing for you to do is give them that opportunity to learn and grow with children his/her age and supplement lessons when he/she is home with you.

After you added your additional details:

I completely see what you are saying now. I would recommend doing an hour or so a day. Make learning interactive and authentic. For example, teach counting as you are cooking. This makes learning fun. If your child starts to seem bored when you are teaching a lesson, don’t be afraid to stop. You don’t want him or her to detest school before he or she can even experience it. Every child is different. You may be able to teach much more than an hour. I truly believe learning begins at home, and it is painfully obvious as to which children were given informal lessons on writing, the alphabet, and numbers by their parents. These are the children who advance the highest in the school system because they are that much more prepared.

If you think you will be able to fit in an hour each day when you have your baby, you can definitely start now. Don’t ever push your child to learn though, as that can be very detrimental to his/her opinions about learning. Make it fun! I find that children love chalkboards. If you buy a small chalkboard, it can make learning to write very fun and exciting.


4 years ago
My mom and father owned a preschool for over 10 years and that they regarded for outgoing persons that dressed conveniently and weren’t approximately highend trend. hear to “i hate dr. phil’s” reaction. She’s maximum recommendations-blowing in pointing out to positioned on residences and no low cut back tops. gown in slacks, collared blouse and delicate shoes. and truthfully convey aspects and ideas you’re able to be able to desire to show those little ones. As for questions, be arranged to respond to questions like: a million. How long have you ever been coaching? 2. What do you savour approximately coaching? 3. have you ever effectively potty-knowledgeable babies? 4. How might you manage an indignant discern? 5. How might you manage 2 little ones scuffling with? 6. If somebody different than the discern got here to %. up a newborn what might you do? those are in straight forward terms some. i’m going to respond to them for you. a million. it is your opinion. i’m confident you are able to answer that fairly 2. same with this one. 3. lower back, same. 4. dealing with an indignant discern is perplexing provided which you have in no way accomplished so. If the director is obtainable, constantly tell the discern that they are able to communicate with them. in no way get entangled, because of the fact this is no longer your place, and that’s ultimate dealt with by using bigger administration. 5. Separate the two and talk to them in my view. you probable comprehend the answer to this besides. 6. If somebody different than the discern comes, the school frequently has a itemizing of names the mother and father bypass away in case of an emergency. First touch the director. in the event that they do no longer look to be there, then call the discern to substantiate pickup. i fairly desire this helped. 🙂 And good success!!

EC Expert
The point of preschool is to learn to get along with other kids, especially for three year olds. If you are reading to her and keeping her away from TV and encouraging her imagination and providing crayons and paper she’s doing fine. She does not need a scheduled “teaching” time. She does need time with other kids. Try your local library. They often have great free or low cost programs.

children can go to preschool when they r infants. You sghould take your childrreen to school so that way they can socialize with other chiildren. I a pre-school teacher for the past 10 years, I have directed preschools, trained teachers, taught CPR. it will be very bebeficial for your children. We as teachers teach chilldren a certain way than any parent, We r trained to do this. Take your children to school

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