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Poetic Form Questions?

I had a bunch of these… these ones I can’t figure out. So thanks if you can help.

1. Poetic feet with two syllable patterns are called what?

2. Poetic feet which begin with a stressed syllable are called what?

3. Poetic feet with three syllable patterns are called what?

4. Poetic feet whcih stress the last syllables are called what?

A. dactyl anapest

B. dactyl trochee

C. dactyl iamb

D. anapest trochee

E. anapest iamb

F. trochee iamb

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Anna M

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This site seems to lay it out pretty clearly:

For example, they state that a “trochee [is:] any two syllables, usually a single word but not always, word whose accent is on the first syllable. Example = virtue, further” That sounds like your number two matches letter F.

Here’s another link to a power point from an instructor at Northwestern Arkansas Community College:

On the eighth slide they mention the terms you list.


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