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need help fast thank you!?

if i have to apply a quote to the internal conflict of a book does the internal conflict have to do wat the qoute is saying. like the quote means “that conflict is meant for you to learn from it not get discouraged” should the external conflict have to mean or do the same thing as the quote?

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It would be best to find a quote that is involved with the conflict, yes. It would be easier to transition it into your essay.

The external conflict is the result of the internal conflict. For example, if the internal conflict is “the guy is depressed”, then the external conflict might be that he cuts himself. Your conflict should have something to do with the quote.

internal is like whats going on mentally inside the main characters mind. like her boyfriend just broke up with her. ineternally the main character talks about how much it hurts not being able to call him anymore. internal is inside conflicts. like within the main character. like the character fighting with hiself should i tell my best friend that i got with his girlfriend or shouldnt i?external is connflicts happinging around the main character. like she totals her car and doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

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