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Is it wise to take Art History at a community college during high school?

I want to take Art History I and II at my local community college while I am still a junior in high school. I then plan on taking the AP Art History exam in May at my high school.

Is this a wise thing to do? Would top colleges like this sort of thing? And upon completion should I request a transcript from the community college to be sent to my high school? Meaning would colleges like to see me taking the AP exam w/o any previous experience (they wouldn’t know if I didn’t send the transcript to my high school) or would they prefer knowing that I took the class at a community college?

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I did dual enrollment while in my senior of HS, taking 3 college classes at my community college. it got me into all colleges i applied to (including UCF, UF, USF) and it will help you get some required credits out of the way. i think you should go for it!

yes! you should do it. it will help you get a better feel for the field. it will also help you do really well on the AP exam: it is likely that your AP art history class (it’s a survey from ancient art to modern art) will repeat a lot of what your community college class teaches. this may not be a bad thing. in any case, you might want to take an art history class at the community college which is not a survey: i.e. a class that is about a specific period. colleges will of course appreciate that you took a college level class.

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There’s not much you can do with your grades other than to try to get the best grades you can. That GPA goes a long way in distinguishing you from other applicants when you try to get into a good college. Also, nail the SAT, it’s important. Those activities are a good idea too. However, do activities because you enjoy them not because you have your heart set on a given tough to get into college. Life’s too short.

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