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sylvester l

is it save to submit my credit card number for payment?

I am scare it may go into the wrong hand and I will be charge indiscreminately

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just make sure the site your paying has a ‘SECURE LINK” it’ll show up in the progress bar as a little padlock. If that’s not there, I wouldn’t trust it either.

Make sure it is a secure site. Print off anything that says “receipt of payment” so you have a record that you did pay it. Also, keep an eye on your credit card statement for at least two months or so. I always check mine to make sure nothing I didn’t do myself was on there.

*** Mehdi.Bist ***
You mean, is it safe, (not save) don’t you;)

well, some sites have been verified as secure sites, like ebay, amazon,… just take a look, and see if they’ve mentioned that their site is secure.

anyway, don’t be too stupid to belive what they say, check their responsible site as well.

also, you can check whether they’re stealing your info or not, if you have Explorer 7.0 and turned on the phishing check.

as a general rule, websites are not secure, unless they prove it.

hope this helps.


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