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If I go to college and get a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education what grades can I teach.?

If I go to college and get a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education what grades can I teach.?

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Generally grades pre k-3 or ages birth to 8 years.

Pre-school and daycare…

If I were you I would get a education degree in elementary school k -6. The reason, you will be able to get a decent paying job as a school teacher, with affordable benefits and decent hours. But if you get in early childhood education then the opposite will be true. I have a friend who went to college and is stuck in early pre-k because she got the wrong degree, now she wants to teach older children but she can’t till she goes back to school. If I were you I would get the elementary k-6 degree then after graduating if you want to, you can still go teach pre-k and then change your mind later on without having to go back college for additional classes or certs. Hope this helps you…


Chances are, you will be qualified to teach Kindergarten through sixth grade. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will teach sixth grade. In the state of Georgia, there is overlap on the grades that teachers are qualified to teach. Early Childhood is usually K-6. Middle grades is usually 5-8. Secondary is usually 7-12.

I majored in Secondary Education English, so I am qualified to teach 7-12 grades. If I were hired to teach 8th grade Language Arts, I would actually have to go back and take the PRAXIS II (or in my state GACE II) for middle grades LA. The school system will hire me to teach middle school if no one else is available because my degree says I am qualified to do so. However, my certificate says that I am only qualified to teach 9-12, so that’s why we have to go back and get the other certification.

So, back to your question. If you get a degree in Early Childhood, your degree will state that you are qualified to teach K-6. If you get hired at the lower levels, that’s great because you don’t have to go back and get a new certification. If you are hired to teach 6th grade, you will probably have to go back and take PRAXIS II for middle grades, because your certification won’t be enough.


Many states would qualify this as a Preschool through 3rd grade. Some states only use a K-6 endorsement and so it would qualify you to teach K-6 grades. Contact your state department of education to be sure.

It all depends on the state. My state certifies ECE to teach Nursery-Grade 3. But the public schools don’t have Nursery schools, so really PreK-3. Elem. Ed. certifies you to teach Grades 1-3. But I know of some states that only let ECE degree holders teack Prek and K. Check with your state standards. Somewhere on your state’s Dept. of Education website, they should list the types of certifications they authorize.

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it would count on whether the degree finally ends up in instructor certification. If it does, you would be qualified to show in a public college Pre ok application. those are very suited jobs. otherwise, you need to show in day care, Head start up and nursery college settings. some courses pay instructors with a level better than one without. aside from the conventional public college jobs none of them pay nicely however the right quantity varies by using region and the guy application.

probably preschool-kindergarten

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