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I’ve asked last year, and I’ll ask again, What is the worst question you can think of?

People, I know, I’ve asked last year, and you’ve had awesome answers, but again I’ll ask for worst questions. see if you guys have any new ideas about the worst…

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when thre’s only two guys inan elevator and one farts and the other one aks did you do it? or was that you?

4 years ago
He pulled the rip-off because of the fact he realised he would not get what he needed from you and in all probability chanced on it someplace else. once you’re disturbing he will call decrease back sooner or later- save his quantity decrease than ‘do no longer answer’- then whilst he calls- do no longer answer. for my area, i might in simple terms delete his quantity and if he did call say ‘You suggested you may delete my quantity- please gain this’ and carry % up. do no longer worry speaking to him- he’s an fool and in case you do communicate with him he will cope with you like an fool. P.S. The responses are not going to alter- you ought to resign asking this question so which you will circulate on.

My 10 yr old cousin was asked if she was pregnant by an 8 yr old girl. LOL…that was the worst but the funniest.

Pat S
People who ask married couples if and when they’re planning on having children. And then, to make it even worse, they respond with “why not?” if the couple tells them they’re not having any.

This is every couple’s personal business and nobody has any right to ask about it.


ok well there are some bad ones like the pregnant ones but one day i was in the mall and some random guy just walks up to me and ask me if i would suck his toes

i just started laughing

another one that really gets to me but i always do it is when someone is telling something and you dont believe it so you say seriously or really after they get done well yea i do it alot but i hate it when somebody does it to me


I love the comedian Bill Engvall. He does a routine called “Here’s your sign.”

One of the examples he gives of dumb questions is this:

A couple guys are out fishing and a fisherman pulls up next to the boat and says, “You catch all them fish?”

The reply to this dumb question is, “Nope. We talked them into giving themselves up.”

Here’s your sign.

He’s hilarious….


I would say asking a young lady with a round belly: Are you pregnant? And having it result in a NOOO!

the question, “what is the worst question?” is in fact the worst quesiton. …..completely due to the fact that you would not stop emphasising that you ALREADY ASKED IT LAST YEAR. have a nice day

I think the worst I’ve come across on here I just found today:

Can you tell me a start of a story ….?

hi ( my names not polly its my frends i am on her profile lol )

can u make up a story please ( not famos one just one that u have made your sel) – sorry for spellings lol

(and can you NOT put realy complacated words in lol .. thanks


Quit beating your wife yet?

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