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I have a project for school PLEASE HELP?

I have to create a USA flag that is different from our current one. I cna’t think of any ideas! What designs do you think I should do. Explain what each thing means and what each color means. Come on I know that there is some smart people on Answers so nows the time to stut your stuff.

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How about the Liberty Bell surrounded by fifty gold stars on an olive green backround.

Liberty bell: The sacred symbol of freedom

Fifty gold stars: Fifty states + gold, the color of riches (land of opportunity)

Olive Green: The traditional color of peace, plus it looks good with gold.

Good luck!


I had to do something similar once. I did a flag that was 1/3 brown for the land of America and the native Americans. 1/3 black for the melting put that America has become. The middle 1/3 was blue to show the ocean that seperated and then united people in America. I also put a red square on the middle light blue part to symol the blood shed by Americans on foreign and American land and a yellow/gold square just under it to symbolize the light we should be to the world.

It got an A.

I hope this helps.


Erik B
I don’t think that the teacher wants you to use other peoples brains, this exercise is for you to use your brains. I would suggest you think deeply about this Country, its people and ways and find a way to symbolize this on a flag.

-eg: I can see you cheating trying to get credit for something that you did not do. I can also see many people in this great country doing the same as you, cheating to get ahead. So I would choose this for my country flag. I would make a weight scale that is unequal. On the heavy side you make a big pile of gold, and on the light side make a little blob of red with red liquid dripping off it. The Gold colour represents all the money made in inequity and the red represents the blood of all the people that were cheated.


Maybe a combination of other countries flags? Maybe with the statue of liberty on it too. Americans are a very diverse people.

!~”Fish On”~!
Keep it simple and just put the American Bald Eagle flying across the stripes.

I would make a triangular flag that looks like a slice of Apple Pie.

Cause there’s nothing more American than that.


i think it depends on your artistic ability then….

you could go with and eagle on the front

or how bout the stars formed into an eagle…

colors/meaning stay the same


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