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i have a friend?

i have a friend that has an 1 year old girl that has pdd nos

isnt she supposed to be doing therapy or something isnt that a form of autism?????

i was just wondering cuz she told me she has pdd nos and she really doesnt do anything for this little girl that is so behind

i was wondering what she should be doin so i can tell her

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Instead of telling your friend what she should be doing for her daughter, why don’t you ask her what recommendations the child’s doctors and teachers have made? You will get some well-meaning answers here at Yahoo Answers, and many people have some expertise in working with students who have special needs. But none of us know this child and what her particular individual needs are.

As a special education teacher, I am happy when parents are interested in providing some consistency between our school program and the child’s home. To me, the most important thing is that the parents give the child some responsibility as a member of the family. I am greatly concerned when parents do everything for the child rather than teaching her and supporting her to be as independent as possible. At home, this would include things like cleaning up toys, putting away her laundry, perhaps doing a household chore like sweeping the floor or watering the flowers.

But as much as I dislike it when parents have no expectations of their children, I also dislike it when parents feel that they need to constantly be functioning as therapists at home. All of us, kids and adults alike, need to have time at home to kick back, relax, indulge our personal interests, and enjoy each other as parent and child. Kids with special needs are kids first, and it’s unfair to everyone to insist that their special needs are the focus of the entire day. The most important thing that the parents can do is to be loving and supportive, as they would with any child. There are plenty of activities that could be done at home to benefit the child, and the teacher would probably be glad to suggest some. But the parent’s primary job is to be a parent, not a therapist.


Lesley G
PPD NOS means Pervasive Developmental Delay Not otherwise Specified. It falls under the autism spectrum and usually means a child does not meet all the criteria for an autism diagnoses but does have many of the core features. If a parent has taken a child for an evaluation and the child was diagnosed with something as significant as PDD I would guess there were recommendations for treatment. There were probably also recommendations for special education at school. Services that might be provided through school and/or outside of school might include speech/language, Occupational Therapy to work on fine motor skills, Social Skills training.It would depend on what specific difficulties the child is having at home and at school.

Sometimes the parents of a special needs child is either too overwhelmed to really hear what is being recommended and follow through or is going through grief or denial.

It might be the child is receiving special ed services at school and that is why you aren’t seeing a lot going on at home.


aged grapes
who is 1? who is 11? i’m not really understanding about the pdd-nos person. regardless of the age of the person though, with a diagnosis of pdd-nos, therapy is very much needed in any area im guessing since a diagnosis was given. usually, as far as i was told, pdd-nos is basically autism but it depends on how old the child is when they are diagnosed with it and how many developmental areas are affected. for example a baby could have autism but its not officially classified as autism until the kid is 5yrs because that’s when kids start school and the child study team gives the title autism. anyway with pdd/autistic kids the following therapies are more likely than not needed, speech, occupational, physical, and ABA(behavior) therapies. at least that’s what i know.

Catherine A
Pdd-nos usually means that the diagnosis falls under the autistic “umbrella” which encompasses a lot more than it used to.

She probably has some form of high-functioning autism.


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