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I have a 7th grader son who’s good at all sports but when it comes to studies he isn’t able to concentrate.

The teachers at school are doing their best to make him get interested but all he wants to do is sports… What should I do to make him study?

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Before you go off deleting his sports activities like some suggested, might I suggest that the way he studies might be the problem? Taking away something he loves and is good at won’t make him enjoy studying any more. My guess is it will have the opposite effect. Save that idea for later when it’s a last resort.

Rather than finding ways to convince him he has to study, try finding ways to help him study differently. You said he “isn’t able to concentrate.” Maybe he just has trouble sitting there concentrating. So … don’t have him sit there.

–Get a video camera and a few friends and make a documentary about whatever it is he’s studying in history. Can be as silly/funny/serious as he wants as long as the information is there.

–Another history idea: Making a time line. Walk through the time line and just say what happened at that point. Doing this a few times might make the ideas stick.

–Problem with science? Have him google expiriments he can do at home to help reinforce those concepts he’s learning in science. The science forums on yahoo answers might even be able to come up with some.

The key here is to find different ways that involve a lot more activity and participation. I was horribly bored in Jr. High because the curriculum was so far under what I was capable of. We had to come up with new ways to do a lot of the homework and learning.

Of course, there will be just that time when you have to sit down and do 50 problems from your math book or read through the science book to find the answer to questions. But if you make activities more interesting to learn the material, that time will become a lot easier.


(E-Mail always open to discuss ideas of what might work. Won’t always have the answer, but we might be able to figure something out)


You cannot make him do anything. He’s not 2 years old anymore.

and don’t listen to that ADD stuff either… You son is following his bliss and shouldn’t be taken away from it.

If you force him to do what you want he will close up and make no forward progress at all… however, support him and he will thrive and live a happy life.

As for his education… just because he isn’t interested in learning from school does NOT mean he isn’t learning anything at all.

GPA is meaningless the day after graduation.

Help him find books on subjects he loves. There are lessons everywhere.

Do not stifle his interests. Sports can be very educational, especially team sports. You can learn a lot about being successful in life from these activities.


Why don’t you make him relate the different subjects at school with the different sports he’s interested in?

I don’t know, but perhaps he will be glad to know that sports also have their history for example.

As a teacher, I would highly recommend that you praise his accomplishments, and always encourage him. Remember that punishments are not always useful, and the use of them might make your son hate studying.

Above all, help him study, be with him, try to work together for a while, tell him things about what he’s studying…

Hope this can help!


You need to make him understand, that although sports are important he needs to concentrate on his studies also, most schools (high school and above and some middle schools also) will not allow you to play sports unless they meet the minimum requirements for grades, so if he wishes to continue he will need to keep his studies up, especially if he is good enough to become pro in any sport. no college or university will have him unless his grades are there.

George Y
Does he realize that at some point (definitely in high school) that low grades will keep him off the field or court? And the chances that he’s the next LaBron James, Reggie Bush, or Derek Jeter are slim to none.

You’re letting him value play above responsibility.

Deflate every ball in the house and hide the skateboard (I know he’s got one) til the grades improve. You can put your foot down now, or when he’s still living with you at 35.

I like to point out the people at highway offramps holding “Need money” signs, and remark, “Bet he had a great jumpshot in school.”


i think people are too quick to blame ADD. it is a problem in some kids….but the majority of the time kids are diagnosed with it they get unnecessary drugs. the problem is usually motivation. throughout school i was always exceptional at sports but i only made the grades i needed to stay eligible. when i was forced into a situation where i had to excel to play sports, not only did i succeed but i was moved into advanced placement classes…..and even a few college courses while still in high school. set the bar high for your kid….make he/she do above and beyond the norm to participate in sports.

He’ll end up a washed up jock working the register at some convenience store if you don’t beat some sense into him now! Unless, he’s some kind prodigy, being a Junior High/ High school athlete after age 18 doesn’t mean ****.

seeing that he’s all into sports, he might be thinking about playing a sport in college.. let him know that you are required to keep a good GPA while in college on a sports scholarship….

control his sports playing and start limiting it. He will get mad, but he has to understand that if he gets injured, and is unable to play sports, he needs something to fall back on, and if his grades are not good, his fallback is useless…

My parents always said that grades come first, activities come last.


You’re the parent. You need to lay down the law.

You’re going to have to make him study, as he obviously isn’t going to want to.

It’s important for him to get an education, and if he isn’t willing to do it on his own he needs to be pushed that extra mile.

I suggest cutting down his time for playing sports and make him study more.

Kids look up to their parents to make them do what needs to be done.


Try taking aWaY!?! Or excluding him from just a couple of things that he seems to have some like or intrest in so he can… Or until HE focuses on the most important of all of those & to do well in them before he can re`gain or get back/Be given back some of the things or privelages that he’d like to have back !!?!! <>~!!! “R”r`r.r,r’r.r`.-

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