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I can’t concertrate!!!!?

I have to do school stuff at home (I’m grounded!) I can’t seem to concertrate on my work and instead I just lay around, which gets me into more trouble because I have to finish this huge book of grammer before school starts, which is very soon.

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Well you obviously aren’t concentrating now since you are on the Internet. Why don’t you go outside to do your homework? A change of scenery would probably help

You CAN concentrate; you are just choosing to let your mind wander elsewhere.

Since this work isn’t important to you, that’s why you are choosing to do other stuff. Figure out a good reason to finish this and focus on that to get stuff done each day.

You said you have a huge book of grammar to finish: figure out how many pages or sections you have left and divide it by the number of days left until school. That will tell you how much you should finish each day.

Then, find an uncomfortable place to work: a hard chair at a table or desk, for example. You want it uncomfortable (or at least not cozy) for two reasons: 1) you’re less likely to want to stay in that spot than elsewhere, so you’ll focus more to get off that chair; 2) because it’s not cozy, you’re less likely to have your mind wander or get drowsy, which means you’ll be more alert to stay focused on your work.

Another thing to do: use a timer. Make yourself finish a certain amount of work within a certain amount of time. If you really goof on how much you can get done, then adjust as needed.

Yet another thing: work comes first. Don’t allow yourself to do ANYTHING else until you’ve finished your allotted work for the day.

One last thing: don’t say “I can’t”. Yes, you can. You may not want to, it may be difficult, it may be frustrating, but you CAN. Just repeat in your mind over and over things to keep you on task, “Work first, play later; work first, play later,” or whatever else you might come up with. It helps.


I think you need to have a heart to heart with mom! You dont like getting in trouble right?! My daughter COULD NOT concentrate at all to do her home school work to catch up and be able to go back to regular school! Ask your mom if for every two hrs of home work if you can have 15 minutes of FREE time. OR for each completed assgnment that you do with your best effort, if you can have a half hour. Figure out hom many assignments you have left to finish bfore school starts. Divide that number of assignments with the number of days left before school! Then you know how much you will have to finish each day. I think I would rather get up early and get all my work done each day and then have free afternoons or evenings than struggle all day long with the home work!

See if your mom hassome ideas and comprimises for you!


I have concentration issues too. I like to do my school work outside. I don’t live near a busy street so it’s very quiet out side. I try to read a paragraph at a time and then let my mind sort the information into my head. I don’t force myself to keep going unless I am ready to.

Elizabeth L
I have been using a system that helps me accomplish my own goals, and I think it just might help you. Here is a link:

Show this website to your parents:

What I gave you is called the “Student Control Journal,” and there’s a link to it on the home page. I have received REAL HELP from this system, and I recommend it to everyone. There’s even a link on the homepage for Homeschooling, though I have never looked into it since my children are all adults now.


just get up at a table and do 20 mins work. Go for a 5 min walk, and do 20 more mins. Force yourself to do it. It’llbe worth it int he end. Laziness just breeds more laziness! (From the Lazy queen – I have to fight it constantly too)

Maria S
Try going to the library. Even grounded I imagine your mom wants you to get your work done. It is a good environment to work in.

Thrice Blessed
Step away from the computer and pick up the grammar book.

Set small goals for yourself, then reward yourself when you complete them.

Victor C
Keep working! 🙂

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