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I am looking for a good learning web site for my four year old.?

I am looking for a good learning web site for my four year old.?

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Sarah C

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It’s not that great for pre-schoolers to spend a lot of time on the computer–lots of reasons. Why can’t she play with letters, numbers, colors and ideas with you or with real “hands on” materials in your house or even outside?

Nicole E
O.K. I have a two year old and I can tell you that Fisher Price has a great site for numbers and letters..but what I found most helpful was youtube…I went there the otehr day and type ABC and found some great ABC videos..Also Old Mcdonald and colros and numbers.. Good night videos, so she undersand that is time to go to bed and things like that…

Good Luck


This site I recommend to all moms , I suggest you take a peak because they have what you are looking for …

Todays Parent

Also at the Sesame Street site you can receive letters from you favorite characters

The Same as Big Comfy Couch , they send your child free mail!


Great site for learning letters and then phonics.

We use this at the middle and elementary school level in public schools to teach various concepts, but it’s great with preschoolers as well. Requires subscription, but it’s a wonderful tool!

Any animal “live cams” from National Zoos or Aquariums are wonderful and usually have printables:

Seaseme Street- very educational and kid friendly

Also, try going to your child’s favorite character’s website. . .like Dora, Little People, etc. . .

These are good for parents to get educational materials to work with their kids on:

I’ve heard this one used, but it’s more for the parent to come up with ideas

I know teachers use edhelper all the time for printables (they don’t really match state objectives, but you for the little ones, I don’t think they’d be bad)

Here’s another one for teachers that a parent could adapt and use to “homeschool” a preschool student

These aren’t that great:

This one has nice themes and crafts, but is not as educational

Clifford “phonics reading” sites by scholastic- not that great

This isn’t user friendly at all


Here is a list of sites I’ve collected over the years… (Pre-K crafts and activities for your child) (“Little Critter”) (try the links: Barney, Caillou, Clifford, Curious George,etc) (as your child gets older) (Dr. Seuss)

Hope these help.. enjoy your child!


Lana L
I love

It has @30 links to educational sites including crayola, sesame street, pbs kids, etc


Go to and click on the language of your choice. It covers, alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.

Go to and click on ABC’s. Its mostly academic and literacy based.


My kids love

Just to name a few… Hope these help you and your four year old. 🙂


Anonymous or or

but i agree that you should do hands-on activities over internet activities.


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