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How do you organize yourself to get the most out of your study time?

I am going onto my 3rd college semester starting this fall. I am 20 years old, I work full time at a childcare center.

I limited my classes to just two this semester as I am taking a class that requries 80 hours of ‘out-of-class’ observations at childcare centers around my state.

I will be taking Child Psychology and development as well as Observation, Participation and Seminar (A class where you go out and observe children)…

I am a teacher of a preschool group (10 children, age 3) I will be working 34 hours a week (usually I work 40 but I needed to take 6 hours a week off for my observations). I also help my mom raise my younger siblings, and of course – I try to have time for my boyfriend.

My classes are on Tuesday and Thursday. I will be at work on these days from 7am-2pm and then at school from 3pm-10pm!! I have set asside a 2 hour block on mondays, a 2 hour block on fridays, and a 4 hour block on sunday mornings just for school work.

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