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How do I get quality, low-cost education in Orange County for my academically gifted child?

My daughter knew how to read by her 3rd birthday. She could do simple math problems in her head by the age of 4. She is almost 7, going into 3rd grade, and she can do the work they’ll be teaching at the end of the year (and then some). Her school’s gate program isn’t available until 4th grade, and their spiral type curriculum ((where they continually return to past lessons to get the students who didn’t get it the first time back on track and reinforce the concepts for those students who did)) is hindering her progress. I think shes in the wrong school. But my husband and I cannot afford private school. Also my 2 year old boy is on the same path. What can I do?

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As an alternative to private school, if you and your husband have some time, you could make sure to get them involved in activities outside of school. There might be reading groups at public libraries, and any free museums you can go to that would be good.

Additionally, if you do know the phone numbers of the private schools in your area, you can generally talk with the staff there and see if there’s anyway they can help provide some financial aid, or if there’s a way to raise money for your kid’s education (fund raisers?).


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