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how do i apply for a pale grant for college?

how do i apply for a pale grant for college?

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you go to and you have to fill out an application but if you are still on your parents tax return then you have to have their taxes from last year. Good luck i hope u can get one.

Its actually called a Pell Grant. When you fill out a completed Fasfa, I believe a Pell grant is atuomatic based on your income and need.

I think it’s called a pell grant. Check with the finance office at your college.

PELL Grant and through FAFSA:

There is a link for that and more here:


Ms. Tee
well it is considered a pell grant and the federal govt does offer more than one grant for students.. please visit to apply for federal grants and loans.. u can also check with the school for more info on how to appply for state grants provided to students in ya area

good luck!!!


PELL grant…

Complete the FAFSA online and send it in… although I think your deadline has passed for the coming year… it was like June 30th.


go to and fill out the application. you will need your tax info and your parents also if you are a dependant. if you qualify you will automatically get that and or a map grant.

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its too late for the 07/08 year i think, but you can apply for a BOGG fee waiver which cover the costs of your classes. you can apply for that at your schools financial aid.

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