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how can i get money for college, if i don’t qualify for grants or i don’t want any loan?

i’m a single mother who decided to return to college to persue a career in legal studies, at the community college. since i already graduated with 86 credit hours in 1999 i do not qualify for any financial aid, this is what i was told. i’m already paying back a student loan, so i don’t want another one. any suggestions?

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Hallie E

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Who told you that you don’t qualify for financial aid? That doesn’t sound right at all- I would definitely talk to another person, and of course, file a FAFSA to see if you can get some federal aid. Also, be sure and go to and do their scholarship search! I’ve found scholarships on there specifically geared towards working women, and the fact that you are a working mother might help you as well. Apply for all of the scholarships you can- even little ones add up. Also, you could look into working for the school you want to attend, as employees of colleges and universities often receive free tuition. Good luck!

You may qualify for financial aid, so consider filling out the fafsa and see what turns up. Even if you don’t qualify for a grant, many sites offer scholarships. Search online, you’ll be surprised with what you find.

4 years ago
go decrease back to the government. you are able to charm your very own loan asserting you haven’t any longer have been given adequate funds to locate the money for training, would desire to artwork would desire to no longer, even nevertheless it quite is nicely worth a shot. additionally some banks supply pupil loans, however the only distinction between them and a central authority pupil mortgage is that interest starts off as quickly as you recieve your very own loan, however the economic business enterprise would be extra keen to supply you extra funds.

Jane R
how about working full-time while taking online or night courses? Or finding a job that will work around day courses if you must attend in person. It will take longer but the satisfaction of doing it all on your own will be worth all the rewards.

depending on what you do for a living and what you want to study, your employer might help you, out, its worth talking to your companies HR dept.

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