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Highschool freshman??

im going to be a freshman and im really nervous about highschool. wat was it like when u were a frehman? do ppl still like pick on the freshman or how ever its said? and is there alot more hw? is there like a big change from 8th grade going into being a freshman??

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I remember going into freshman year vividly. Probably because I was scared out of my mind. The high school in my middle school district wasn’t very nice and so I decided to transfer to another where I knew NO ONE! it was scary, but then when you get there it turns into exciting; if you be yourself you will make friends in class and joining a sport and being in choir like i did really helped. High school is fun and freshman year was one of my favorite years of high school. The seniors will seem big but they aren’t as cliche mean as you see them in movies so never fear. As for the work, it gradually gets harder but i don’t think you really have to worry about that. Teachers are really understanding as long as you reach out to them for help because they know you are going through a transitional period. So no worries go and have fun!!

Katelyn C
Don’t worry at all!!! The homeowrk depends on the classes you take, if you take honors or ap classes than you will have quite a lot of homework. And if you don’t than it is a breeze. Some people are mean and some aren’t. Just dont walk in there like you run the place and don’t act like you are hot-****. Just go in and be respectful and laid back. Don’t go in nervous because if you do it is like releasing the tiger from the cage. But it depends on your school. Oh and high school relationships…. don’t date any one from the same high school as you. Dont ever fight for a guy because he will probably end up giving you crabs any way (which leads to my next point) dont sleep with the first guy that you think you “love”. There is no such thing as love with your first couple of boyfriends, plus your a teenager you dont know **** about love. DONT DO DRUGS, DONT DRINK UNTIL YOUR AT LEAST 18, AND DONT BE DISRESPECTFUL TO TEACHERS (even if they are total douchbags)

Don’t be worried. It’s a really nervous thing. I remember my first day I got lost a few times, but worst case senario you ask someone for help, and they will. (Make sure they seem nice!)

As far as upperclass being mean, I guess it depends on what school. My freshman year I was at the school closest to me, and no one really picked on freshmen at all. It wasn’t that big of a deal like they make it out to be.

But last year I transferred to a new school for my junior year and they were so mean to the freshmen.

Good luck! you’ll make it. After a few weeks it won’t be a big deal and you’ll have the whole school figured out.


I remember my first day as a freshman in high school. it’s like transferring over to a whole new world. Everybody is older, the classes are harder, the teachers aren’t quite as nice or forgiving. Yet, high school was a wonderful experience. I went to a small high school and the most crap I got about being a freshman was being told to shut up by upper class men. It’s not like they tell you in the movies; they don’t shove freshmen in lockers or gang up on them in the hallways. You just don’t have quite as much respect.

Suzie Cullen
im going to go to hs too………my school is really small& 7-12 grade go to school in the same buildings have the same teachers etc. and it won’t be much diffrent.just harder classes.

I’m really good friends with a lot of older people and they only pick on younger people that have big egos….they all say that they don’t want them to have a big head and think that they’re better than anyone! there is one girl in my class that is a real bitc* and they have already said they Are going to give her a hard time, but only because she deserves it, so if you don’t deserve it you probably won’t get picked on.


Gemini T
“Hell week” is illegal in most schools now I think. I went to a K-12 private school for 9th, and being new to it was really difficult, having come from a public school. But I think the main difference is the amount of people doing things that aren’t good for them, or society, it increases between 8th and 9th grade. I didn’t have much more homework, myself.

girl just be yourself everyone felt the same way you did as the weeks go by you would start making friends with everyone even the juniors and seniors and you would no longer feel like a freshman

I dont know how to break the bad news so ill just tell u straight up. You will get picked on if you are a wh0re or a *****. Bottom Line if you stay out of older kids way you shall be fine. True Story.

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