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Higher pay for Math / Science teachers?

Since there is a shortage of Mathematics and Science teachers, do you think they should be paid more than, say a History or Physical Education teacher?

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Yes they should, just like math and science professors make more than professors of subjects which are in less demand in the non-academic world. You have to pay more to get good people from fields like math and science at universities, it should be the same in elementary/middle/high schools.

Interesting question. Since so much emphasis is being put on math and science test scores, some might argue they should be compensated more. I disagree- being that I am an elementary school teacher and have to teach all areas of study (except PE, Music and Art though I do incorporate some). I also disagree because then no one will want to become a history or PE or Literature teacher because they won’t get paid as much.

And don’t forget the unions. They would have a field day with that proposal.

The answer from me would be no- they should not be paid more, even though they are more sought after (especially good teachers that 1- know what they’re doing and 2- know how to deal with kids)


Hey what’s wrong with being a Phys Ed Teacher!!???

They do just as much as any other teacher does if not MORE. They are given many other duties then just teaching.

Ever wonder why the majority of school administrators are former Phys Ed and Health teachers?

Cause they are the best leaders, problem solvers and usually the hardest workers. Not to mention the amount of schooling it takes to be certified in TWO area’s (Phys Ed and health).

I’m not taking anything away from Math or Science teachers. They have tough jobs.


They do get paid more, normally in the form of a stipend. As, at least where I work, teacher who teach a class that takes the standardized test (NCLB), also gets additional stipends for good results. So much of teacher’s pay aren’t in the salaries, a lot, for some up to 50%, comes from added extras built into their contracts, and many math and science teachers get these.

There is no shortage of Math and Science teachers. I can`t find Math teaching job .

PE maybe. History, not sure.

PE teachers are TOTALLY LAME

There are usually 4 of them and ONE is picked to go out and lead the exercise routine.

Then you have them do TAG football for 35 minutes

Then ONE comes out and yells at them to run the 4 backstops.

Then ONE supervises the shower room.

That is the LAMEST job there is!

A Janitor does more work than a PE Teacher!

PE teachers don’t grade homework

They don’t do after hours stuff unless they COACH and then they get a STIPEND.

DO you get a STIPEND for grading papers at home!

I agree with you on that one.

I say ALL teachers OTHER than PE and HOMEROOM teachers should get at least $2K more

I mean you have to ACTUALLY put together a Sylabus.


^^^^Not cool! I hope a phys ed teacher doesn’t get offended!^^^^

Yes. Our district does that and it works. They only get an extra 2000 a year, but that is better than nothing.


Elizabeth L
No. We are all teachers regardless of the subject.

nclb expires in september. i think we should wait until a possibly new (and hopefully better) education policy is established.

They better get paid more than the PhysEd teacher…

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