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Jean M

Hey I am trying this year to be an “A” student this year can someone who is smart help me with a studytable

I am asking any really smart person out there in high school to give me your life style,how you study,eat,what you do immediately after school pliz help me out cause I am moderate student but my dad broke my ps3 because he said i take little time studying so i want to show him I am serious and determined to accomplish my goal of being a surgeon let someone in high school help me out thanks and have a fantabulous day.

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rob u

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Here is a simple task that help me allot.

Make crib notes and carry them around.

Just writing things down helps with memorizing.

When you have a few minutes (waiting in line, during advertisements) read over them.

You can carry them to the last moment of a test.

Make sure you don’t bring them in the room or tare them up right before the test and trash them.


I have put together a large number of links that cover all the subjects that you are likely to be studying; I hope you find the sites useful. All that you have to do, is cherry pick the ones that suit your studying style.;_ylt=Arc8Qiu1CuMQYv2Ka30pK87ak7MF

General Resources. ( HISTORY )




Great Internet Resources for Students


The Internet Public Library


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