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help!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!!?

okay i have summer h.w and i had to read a book and watch a film and answer questions about them so one of them says to summarize the plots of the book and film okay i know i’m like in high but the word “plot” kinda makes me confused cause in middle and elementary we didn’t do that stuff a can you please help me understand what the question asks me to do…and one more whats the difference between a plot and a summary..thanks sooooo much =)

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The plot is the series of events that takes place in a book or movie. In other words, the plot is what the book or movie is about. If you went to the movies, and a friend asked, “What was it about?” and you told her, you would be summarizing the plot. So the difference between a plot and a summary is that a summary is a condensed version of the plot, a retelling of the story’s important parts.

The plot differs from a theme in that a theme would concentrate on an important idea from a book or movie, whereas the plot is just what happened.

Hope that helped.


The plot of a book gives the synopsis of the action that takes place without particular emphasis to the characters.

A summary does the same but adds in a bit of the characterisatins(sp) of the leading persons in the book


Plot – the main idea of the story – main characters and where the story takes place.

Summary – a few sentences describing the whole story.


The plot is what the story is about, what the message the story is trying to convey. Or go to the Dictionary and look the word up.

the plot is the main idea of the story and the summary is about the whole story

they want you to tell the main idea in your own words


Lovely unicorn
plot is the conflict of the story.

when you summarize you put in your own words what the film and the story are about.

Good luck


The plot is the theme of the movie/book a theme is the universal message like it can be applied to other things i.e.

Don’t give up before you try all the options. instead of Tommy shouldn’t haven’t given up before he tried to escape prison.


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