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Has anyone ever taught there english speaking child spanish? My son is 6 and I would like to teach him to?

speak spanish, but I don’t speak spanish either, so we would be learning together. I need a program that is geared toward young children.

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To start off, try this link:

I received this in a homeschool mom newsletter and my son and I have a lot of fun with it.

We did the basic needs and numbers, but there are more free lessons and even a free CD you can order. They have a full curriculum if you are pleased with the type of instruction.

You can pair this with inexpensive workbooks and different computer software programs you can get at computer stores and such, but of all the things I tried, my son liked this along with an inexpensive workbook I picked up at Wal Mart the best.

If you want more than that, like for yourself, you can look at Instant Immersion, it is reasonably priced.

At his age, this should keep him entertained and help him learn some key phrases. My son’s favorites are “I need to go to the bathroom.” and “I want to go to the movies.”



Any CD or audio tape programs are good. Especially if it has a work book.

At a private school they learned French in 4th grade and Spanish in 5th grade.

In Public school neither happens until 9th GRADE!

Then spend an hour or two a day only talking to each other in Spanish.

Do it for lunch.

No food unless they ask for it in Spanish.

If they don’t like the food they get, let them LEARN how to ask for better food!

Unfortuanately I don’t think you’ll find CHEESE BURGER AND FRIES in most Spanish lesson books!

So you’ll have to be creative. Some form of ASADA!

So you both go outside and talk with the Mexican Gardener working across the street, maybe with a glass of lemonade and ask him how to ask for a Cheese Burger with Fries. He’ll tell you!

And you’ll get social skills that way too!


5 years ago
I have friends in the same exact situation with 2 sons, the youngest knows a lot more than the oldest. My sister in law is a speech therapist and tried to help their son but they were in denial and would not do anything, they let about a year go by until they finally did something. Don’t be like them, get help now, a developmental delay is very serious, maybe he just learns in different ways that you have not discovered yet. Try a speech therapist, they might be able to help, if they cannot make any progress with his speech then maybe there is something else going on. Keep searching for answers, the earlier you know what is going on the faster you will be able to help him, this is a crucial age for learning and you need to seek help fast. If you cannot afford it there are places that will help your child free of cost. I wish you all the luck! additional details: I don’t think that matters, my husband and I speak English and Spanish and my son talks a lot, he forms 9 word sentences, knows his ABC’s in both languages and lots more, he is 2 years old. He should already be forming sentences but what do I know, talk to a professional they will tell you what is “normal” and what’s not. What does his pediatrician say?

Learning together would be great. I liked the Muzzy program for both french and spanish. Teach it while he’s young. He’ll thank you later. (He’ll probably end up speaking it better than you)

Check out this site for your son:

The fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish on this planet.

Your son can speak Spanish Confidently and Naturally in less than 3 months.


Thrice Blessed
Power Glide Junior is great.

Also, look into “All in One Language Fun” a computer game that introduces Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and for ESL students, English. (You pick which language to play around with each time, so if all you want is Spanish you just always pick that). It is put out by Syracuse Language Systems.

All-in-One Language Fun!


The best way to learn another language would be on the computer. I’m not sure if JumpStart has one, but check them out. Also, you might want to try Wal-Mart or Best Buy or even Circuit City and check their computer software that it both kid and adult friendly. Kids learn better when there are a lot of colors of cartoon characters.

A Ceratin Person
It’s probably best to learn it your self really well then start speaking it around the house like you could label things in Spanish like the stairs or the door.

We speak spanish at home. Call me and we’ll talk. 859-576-2800



Why would you want to do that? So he can give orders to the office’s illegal workers without a translator?

Don’t bother. Have him learn a useful language, like German or Russian.


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