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Good Alg 1 review book that covers graphs and gets you ready for Alg 2?And starts from the near beginning?

I took Algebra 1 2 years ago, took Geometry this year. And taking Algebra 2 the upcoming year. So I forgot stuff.

I didn’t get a lot in Algebra 1, especially the graphing and probables( U shape graphing)But I did get some. Some of the advanced equations were hard to me. I can’t get a tutor so I need a good review book of Algebra 1. One that explains things well and one that can make me understand it better.


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Try the book called Algebra 1 published by Prentice Hall, authors are Jan Fair and Sadie C. Bragg. You can probably find it on eBay … I got one there. Mine was published in 1991, copyright 1990. But really not that much has changed in quadratic equations in the past 15 years!

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