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Financial Aid: Quitting one school and starting another…?

Ok I know I need to talk to the fin. aid office and I’m going to do that this week but I was wondering if anyone could calm my nerves a little. Heres my problem. I started out at a community college and got to my internship and I completely hated it so I dropped out… but I know the loans were already out for the quarter. Well, I’m going to start at a four year school this month and I’m wondering what kind of effect it’s going to have on me getting loans at my new school. Thanks!!

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It shouldn’t effect your Federal student loans. But speak to the counselor. For private loans, the answer may be different, especially if they were granted by the former college. Those would stop. If you have bank loans for college, they probably won’t be effected, but again, speak with the counselor.

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