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does st cloud state university offer a pharmacy major?

st cloud, minnesota

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They do NOT have a pharmacy major. Generally, you should not be able to find any school in the US with a pharmacy major. That’s cuz it doesn’t work that way. To become a pharmacist, you need to go to pharmacy school. There’d be no point in offering a pharmacy major cuz it wouldn’t be worth anything as a bachelors. That’s why there are no “medicine” majors or “law” majors either.

If you want to become a pharmacist, you can pick any major. You just need to fulfill all the prerequisite classes a pharmacy school wants. However, picking a science major usually makes it a lot easier to get into the required science courses so that’s what most people do.


4 years ago
Pre-Pharm like Pre-Med isn’t a important yet greater of an advising music or record of recommended training to take. I went to a school, for prePharm, which had a pharmacy software, yet there are dissimilar pharm scholars who went to faculties that have not got a software. whilst you’re on the two 3 hundred and sixty 5 days prePharm music, you will probable no longer could call a important. the main common majors are biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. California is the toughest state, in terms of admissions. you will need nearer to a three.5 GPA, and that’s additionally actual at dissimilar pharmacy faculties. that’s stressful to get right into a school, era. my very own college has an recognition fee of a million in 9. the final customary GPA for valuable applicants is approximately 3.4-3.5.

Yes they do! Here is the website and the direct link to the area to read about it:


The best thing to do is call and ask.

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